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Working Committees

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We rely on volunteer working committees to foster economic conditions that fortify the commercial business district. The following committees parallel our Main Street Approach:

NYC Skyline BW

Economic Vitality Committee

Invigorates the macro and micro economy of the commercial district by assisting new and incoming existing businesses through supportive technical assistance and referrals to small business providers; and attracting new businesses that complement other businesses.


Design Committee

Enhances the physical appearance of the business district through signage and facade improvement grants; convening work groups to plant flowers and shrubs, caring for street trees, and removing litter; infrastructure improvements; better street lighting; and more.

Logo Design

Promotion Committee

Positively messages the commercial district and plans celebratory events.


Strengthens the organization through human capital (volunteers), financial capital (fundraising), and development of effective policies and procedures.

Committees are open to anyone with a desire to help us create a safe, visually vibrant, economically sound business district. Contact us at

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